About Us

Who is Apparition Coast?

Hailing from Ventura, California, Apparition Coast is an alternative rock band that blends melancholy lyrics with a sound that echoes their rock, indie, and alternative musical influences. Shifting between light and dark moods, upbeat bangers, and eerie ballads, the band doesn’t shy away from sharp shifts in tone and isn’t afraid to use elements from many different genres as they find they’re sound. The band members have a powerful chemistry on stage that they imbed into their music so that no matter where someone is listening they can feel that electric energy that every great rock band has. Apparition Coast’s three guitar line up provides for more creativity, complex harmonies, and more interesting parts that work together to add an extra layer of intricacies to their music. They boast similarly complex vocal arrangements and hook laden choruses that drive their music and keep listeners engaged. If there’s anything else that can be taken away from their music, it’s that as often as things can seem harsh and bleak there is always good reason for a great deal of optimism. There is good in the bad and bad in good and as long as we’re still here we have a chance to make things better.